Why have an engagement photoshoot?

I would absolutely suggest doing an engagement shoot before your big day! The benefits far outweigh any negatives, if there are any, which is why I offer an engagement shoot as part of all my wedding packages and all of my couples have said it was the best idea. You can feel relaxed in front of the camera and ask any questions you may have before your big day. 

Here's my top reasons why you should consider having an engagement shoot.

What are the benefits of having an engagement shoot?

  1. It's an opportunity to spend time with your wedding photographer and get a feel for their style.
  2. The photoshoot doesn't have to be at your venue, it can be literally anywhere!
  3. It's a great chance to shake off any feelings of awkwardness or fear of embarrassment in front of camera whilst no-one else is around.
  4. You can be as crazy or as relaxed with your ideas as you like.
  5. You may wish to incorporate the photos from your engagement shoot into your wedding day. Regardless, you get more photographs of your engagement to look back on and treasure.
  6. Engagement shoots are often included in photographers' wedding packages, or if you do an engagement shoot and then book the photographer they will deduct the cost of the shoot from the package.
  7. It's a great date idea and a lovely way to spend time together amidst the pressures of wedding planning.
  8. Bonus! You can involve your four legged friends in the shoot too!

I hope this offers some reassurance to couples considering booking an engagement shoot.

If you're wanting more clarity about to expect during your engagement shoot then check out the blog post below...