I just wanted to thank you for your time. Your listening skills, professionalism and patience has now got me to a stage in Lightroom that i never got to in any group sessions. The write up you did during the session is very helpful. I have referred back to it on more than one occasion. Money well spent. Thank you!


How to learn photography?

How can i improve my photography? How can i take better photos? Learn photography Cornwall. Cornwall photography tuition.

If this sounds like your recent search history then you've probably been trying to find a local photography club or online course to help you get started with photography, or deepen what you know so far.

Having ran a photography meet-up with 500+ members i whole-heartedly believe finding a photography community is a fantastic way to expose yourself to methods, kit, styles and ideas. You will not only learn about your craft but will meet collaborators and make new friends.

However, I also understand that joining a photography group can also feel daunting, you might leave sessions with more and more questions or not feel confident contributing to conversations with people who appear more experienced or knowledgeable.

Joining a group or completing a short course may not even be what you want, or need. Instead, a few focused sessions may help you to hit the ground running, bridge the gaps in your understanding, troubleshoot recurring frustrations or simply harness more creativity.

This is why I started offering 1-2-1 photography mentoring for individuals and groups, covering everything from creative approach and camera settings to developing a style and post-processing.

My philosophy:

  • You know more than you think you do
  • Enjoying taking photos is the most important thing
  • Fostering the motivation to get out and shoot more often will develop your photography more than anything else
  • Technical detail can be helpful but may not be what you need
  • Having fun, breaking the rules and finding the beauty in mistakes is key to becoming more creative
  • A conversational approach and being able to talk openly is as important as the practical application
  • It doesn't matter what camera you use

What i support with:

  • Getting to know your camera
  • Building confidence with manual settings
  • Understanding composition
  • Learning new creative techniques
  • Feedback on your photos
  • Improving knowledge of equipment and accessories
  • Better file organisation
  • Developing better editing skills
  • How to nurture your style
  • Planning concepts and photoshoots
  • And much more!

How it works:

  • Arrange virtual or in person session/s (minimum 1 hour)
  • Sessions focus on hands on demos (camera/software) as much as possible, depending what you want the focus of the session to be
  • I produce notes during each session which i share at the end for future reference
  • In person sessions are only available within Cornwall or Central London

How much does it cost?

  • £20 per hour for virtual sessions
  • £25 per hour for in person sessions

Get in touch for more information and to chat about what you'd like support with.

I had my first lesson on Lightroom as i have basic knowledge of this programme but Tim helped me learn more. I found Tim to be patient, he listened and asked sensible questions about what i knew and what i wanted to learn. He gave me confidence and by the end of the session i was on cloud nine and raring to go. I can't wait for my next session with him.