So, you've booked your photographer and are now making plans for your engagement shoot, or need a final nudge to commit to booking one. Well, in either case, here are my top tips for engagement shoots to help you out.

Top tips for an engagement shoot!

  1. If you aren't a fan of having your photo taken, don't be put off!
  2. You don't have to smile at the camera the whole time. Look at each other, talk to each other and forget your photographer is there.
  3. If you're struggling for ideas of where to go or what to do, don't overthink it! Think about where you'll feel comfortable and the places you like to go together or your regular walking spots.
  4. It's a great chance to get to know your photographer, but if you haven't settled on a photographer yet, or you simply wish to make the most of being engaged and the wedding planning experience, then book a few shoots with different photographers. It may help you decide and the worst case is you have more photos to treasure.
  5. As far as you feel comfortable, add something special! Take a bottle of bubbly for a Prosecco shower, incorporate colourful smoke bombs or plan for a bold ending to the shoot like jumping in the sea or getting caught in the rain for some moody romance!
  6. Trust your photographer. Your photographer will have a particular style (which is probably why you've picked them to begin with) and will have a vision for the spots they pick out which may not always be easy to visualise. Trust their creativity!
  7. It is absolutely fine to not have an engagement shoot if you don't want one. Don't feel pressured to book one just because friends and family did or because it feels like the expected thing.

I'd love to know what you did for your engagement shoot and what tips you'd give others who have just booked theirs!