Here you'll find answers to the 'Frequently Asked Questions' that I receive across my channels to help you quickly find the information you need before getting in touch or booking a package.


Do you have a Facebook page?

Absolutely! You can find the link to my Facebook page here

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I certainly do! I am fully insured and have all the relevant cover you should expect of a professional photographer: public liability, etc.

Do you have a wedding contract?

Of course, and I would strongly recommend using photographers who do have contracts - it's added security for you as well as them. The wedding contract details key information about the day: locations, timings, what you can expect (on the day and the final product you will receive) as well as the financial agreement of what is owed and by what date as well as what you should expect should any issues arise.

I ask couples to sign a copy of the contract at the point of booking which accompanies a deposit.

Do you edit the photos we will receive?

Yes, whether it is a photoshoot or a wedding I edit all the images you receive. I also provide a black and white set of the images as well, as there is a particular style I use, so you don't have to worry about converting any photos after you receive them.

How long will it take for us to receive our photographs?

For photoshoot packages usually 2-3 weeks and for wedding packages 6-8 weeks.

Where can we go for a location photoshoot?

Almost anywhere! It could be somewhere rural such as the local countryside, a lake or a woodland. Or maybe you'd prefer something more urban, you may even have a specific building or landmark in mind. It really depends on the sort of images you would like to have and the style/theme you like. I'm always happy to help think of locations or suggest ones I've used before.

Please note: if a location or venue charges a fee for a photoshoot to take place you will be required to cover the cost of this.