What photography package is right for me?

When it comes to planning your wedding day there is a whole list of things to choose and book. Some of those may be easy to decide on and some may be things you had never really thought about. When it comes to choosing what you want from your wedding photography how do you decide which package is right for you?

What sorts of packages are there?

Wedding packages can cover a wide range of different formats and items but generally things that they can include are: an online gallery or all images on USB, prints, slideshow DVDs, photo-books and albums.

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So what are important things to consider?

One of the driving factors here may be budget. Paying for a professional wedding photographer for your big day can be expensive and knowing your budget will govern how much you can realistically afford to devote to photography. This shouldn’t be a problem however. Most wedding photographers offer a selection of packages that vary in price according to what is included. So it may be about finding the balance between which photographers you like and what your budget offers you in terms of their packages.

This leads onto factor number two - what is important to you, do you just want to receive the images themselves whether that’s via an online gallery or on a USB, or do you want something you can physical unwrap and look through such as individual prints or a photo album.

Taking time to think about what you’d like to receive and browsing packages online to see how they vary from photographer to photographer is a great way of identifying what matters to you. It will also help give you an idea of what to expect price wise. A package of all images via an online gallery are less expensive than an album package for example.

It’s worth noting here that photographers fall into different price brackets too not just their respective packages and one album package could vary considerably in price to another. But remember, you don’t need to have an extensive knowledge of all the different options available to customise a package, your photographer will be able to discuss this with you and will likely have particular companies they use. So instead it’s simply worth building an idea of what type of package you’d like in line with your budget and take any additional discussions from there in terms of materials, type of paper, fishing touches, etc.

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Why do photographers offer different packages?

In much the same way, as photographers we appreciate the value of the images we take and we appreciate the cost of having those images taken. So the range of packages each photographer offers will be to both accommodate the varying budgets of their clients and more importantly will be designed to give a certain experience of the story they have captured for you.

Understandably photographers are inherently creative people and care about the images they take and how you as their client will experience them so offering a particular journey in their packages is something they will have spent time developing.

Of course, if you find it a challenge to find the package that is right for you then contact the photographers you like to ask if they can tailor a package for you.


Why do I offer the packages I do?

First and foremost I wanted my packages to be simple, stress free and include all the essentials that a prospective client would want covered. So both of my packages include all day photography and all images on USB. So you don’t have to worry about what times i’ll be around for and what images you will or won’t have from the day.

They also include a pre-wedding shoot which is where I find real value in building a journey with my clients. I get to know them more, find out what they like, how they are together and also get an idea of any troubleshooting such as potential nervousness in front of the camera. It’s also the experience of celebrating their relationship and receiving signature shots before the big day which builds the trust and confidence in advance.

Those three elements are the heart of my packages and the final presentation boxes are where people can choose what’s right for them, whether that be a slideshow DVD or a designed album.

What would be your ideal wedding package?