Newborn photography in the comfort of your home.

A lot of things in life are confusing and complicated and much like maths at school you devote heaps of time to working out relationships and values only to forget them over time. But if there is one formula we all know and see in our own lives every day it's that weddings mean families, families mean babies and babies mean (yep, you guessed it) photos! 

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You have probably seen people photographing their new arrivals as if they can't fill the memory on their phone fast enough, you may well do this yourself. But beyond the thousands of photos you capture everyday of the new addition to your family you will probably look to have some professional photos taken too. There's an enormous range of places you can choose to go: high street stores and photography studios being the most likely. But after all the logistical challenges of getting to your shoot: packing outfits and supplies, travelling and a well-timed feed, you may feel like you're going back into labour again after hearing the prices for the images afterwards. Suddenly you're back at school questioning the value of your hard work.

So, what if you could have the quality of a professional shoot but in the comfort of your own home? Doesn't sound so complicated does it. Well, you can.


I was recently asked if I could do a newborn photoshoot for a couple I met at a wedding, which I did in the front room of the family's house. Using a simple setup of pop up backdrop and a soft box we suddenly had a portable studio right in their own home. There was a pile of clothes on the sofa with a selection of blankets as well as the box of goodies I had brought along with me.

It was a brilliant shoot and was so easy, not just for me but for the family too: it was warm, they felt comfortable, they didn't have to worry about travelling anywhere and everything we needed was right at hand. More importantly because the shoot wasn't part of a studio's schedule we could take our time. 


Great photographs of our loved ones is something we all want, especially of important milestones. We appreciate having those memories to treasure and we all appreciate the value of having things made easier for us. Great photos don't need to be complicated. 

I'm not condemning studios here by any means, having worked at one, I appreciate the service and standard they offer and I love the work of photographers who specialise in newborn photography. I am suggesting an alternative approach for people who want beautiful baby photos without the headache of working out where to go.

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We had a new baby photoshoot and are really pleased with the entire experience: shoot, service and products. Tim was very professional yet also really friendly which made the shoot really positive. He came fully equipped and showed great imagination with the types of photos that could be taken and this showed his skills, experience as well as his passion for his profession. We will hire Tim’s services again for a family shoot and all our future photographic needs. We highly recommend him.
— William and Sophia