10 essential wedding photos.

Your wedding is a special occasion. The whole day has been planned around the choices you have made over months or even years. Everything from the venues and flowers to the food, favours and finishing details have been carefully chosen to create an expression of your personality and to celebrate your commitment together.

However, whatever your theme may be, when it comes to wedding photography there are certain photos that every bride and groom should want to see in their wedding collection. A list that showcases the peppering of personal touches you’ve added from start to finish to make the whole experience individual to you - and your family and friends.

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My list of 10 must have wedding photos.

1. Getting Ready.

2. Wedding Dress.

3. The Aisle & First Look.

4. The First kiss.

5. Ceremony Exit / Confetti.

6. Bridal Party Antics.

7. Rings.

8. Bouquet.

8. The Cake.

9. First Dance

10. Couple Portraits.

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For me everything beyond this list boils down to reportage photography, that is to say: capturing the wider events and interactions of the day in as relaxed and unobtrusive way as possible. Whether it be your guests mingling, your close family sharing a quiet tear, an outburst of laughter or even the speeches.

That’s not to say the elements that aren’t on this list won’t be creative or impressive and similarly I’m not saying that the moments on the list won’t be candid. Finding an interesting way of capturing every part of the day is always the focus (and the challenge) for any wedding photographer and for me that resides somewhere between moments being candid and approaching them creatively.

This list simply highlights what I consider the must-have shots to be from a wedding, regardless of photographic style or creative approach.

What does your must-have list look like?

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