Who am I and where did it start?

I'm Tim and I'm a wedding and location photographer. I love photographing people, it's as simple as that. 
Whether they have never had a photoshoot before or want their special day captured, there's always something completely individual that is awesome to photograph.

My camera shenanigans are rooted in video production but I always had a curiosity for photography as well. Outside of my career in video has been countless hours experimenting with photographic ideas. It was my hobby. Thousands of photos later it became a serious hobby, and thousands of photos after that I started to take myself seriously as a photographer.

I developed my photographic style working at a family run photography studio in Leicestershire which progressed into an excitement for producing location shoots. Place is inherently important to my photography. I think there is something significant about going somewhere to take photos. Brides and grooms invest so much time in finding the right wedding venue for them and that experience of going somewhere to create photos just for you is an essential part of my practise.

I also love adding to locations and usually carry some extra goodies in my camera bag to try out new ideas and bring a contemporary vibe to my photos. Whether it be smoke bombs, sparklers or polaroids I love experimenting with different ways of exploring new spaces and being creative in my images.

So, lets turn the pointer to you! 

If you are looking for a photographer to capture your wedding, are interested in having a photoshoot or maybe you’d just like to chat through ideas for some awesome new images then get in touch, it's also super easy to do - just click the button below!